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nanDECK - What's new in version 1.13a

Option to upload cards' images to The Game Crafter website

See this page for a complete walkthrough for this option.

New LINERECT directive

In the standard LINE directive, two points must be specified as parameters for drawing a line, with this new directive you can draw a line specifying the first point and width/height data.

New IMAGEFILTER directive

With this directive you can change the algorithm utilized for scaling images in IMAGE, ICONS and PATTERN directives. The syntax is:


The simplest is NEAREST, the more comples are LANCZOS / MITCHELL. If not specified, the default algorithm is LINEAR.

Boolean logic evaluation for IF directive

Multiple conditions can be tested in an IF directive with these keywords:


With this syntax, every condition must be enclosed in parenthesis, for example:

IF = ([a] = 1) _AND_ _NOT_ ([b] = 2)

New label function FRAMENET

This functions creates a new group of frames with all the combinations from starting and ending frames in two groups (it may be the same group). It's useful for creating node maps. The syntax is:

[label] = FRAMENET(frame1, frame2, min distance, max distance)

This is an example:


New parameter in GAP directive for mid-guidelines

The 3rd parameter in the GAP directive, if ON is specified, draws a line in the middle of the gap. This is an example:


New flag X in FRAMEHEX function for "easy to cut" hexagons

The FRAMEHEX function draws a standard hex grid, for example:


With the new X parameter, the hexes are arranged in an "easy-to-cut" pattern:


New parameter in CHROMAKEY directive for color range

You can specify a number as 2nd parameter in the CHROMAKEY directive for specifying a range of colors (calculated as distances in CIELab color space). This is an example:

CHROMAKEY = #FF0000, 20

Save images as TIFF (with options for CMYK color and multipage)

In the main windows, under the "GIFa" button, there is a "TIFF" button, for saving cards in a multipage TIFF file, with an option for RGB or CMYK color space.
Also in the "Save images" button, there are two new options, for "TIFF (RGB)" and TIFF "(CMYK)" formats.

Fixed bug in TEXT directive

Fixed bug in IMAGE directive

Fixed bug in IF directive

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