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nanDECK - What's new in version 1.19

New COLORS directive

This directive is used to store one or more colors' values into variables. This is the syntax:

COLORS = “range”, html color1, html color2 , html color3 , html color4, html color 5

The parameter html color1 is stored into variable #ZZZZZZ, html color2 into #YYYYYY, html color3 into #XXXXXX, html color4 into #WWWWWW and html color 5 into #VVVVVV. Instead of a color, you can use another variable, or the syntax #X@Y to read a color located at position X, Y of the current card. Every color can be also modified adding a value for brightness and a value for saturation change (in percent), with the syntax #000000+brightness+saturation (the values for brightness and saturation can also be negatives).

Direct download from Internet for files in IMAGE directive

You can specify an url instead of the the filename parameter in IMAGE directive: if the url points to an image, it is downloaded, and stored in the same folder with the script file. For example:

IMAGE = 1, "", 0, 0, 100%, 100%

The image will be downloaded and stored as kcaun.png.

Added C flag in IMAGE directive for proportional crop of the image

With the P flag, the image is shrunk proportionally, with the new C flag the image is proportionally enlarged, for example:

IMAGE = 1, Penguins.jpg, 0, 0, 100%, 33%
IMAGE = 1, Penguins.jpg, 0, 33%, 100%, 33%, 0, P
IMAGE = 1, Penguins.jpg, 0, 66%, 100%, 33%, 0, C


Added V flag in FONT directive for vertical text

This is an example:

FONT = Arial, 16, V, #000000
TEXT = 1, "This is a test", 0, 0, 100%, 100%


Added R flag in HTMLTEXT directive for vertical text


FONT = Arial, 16,, #000000
HTMLTEXT = 1, "This is a test", 0, 0, 100%, 100%, #FFFFFF, 0, R

Added ç flag in random gradients for drawing stripes

This flag organizes the random dots in striped patterns, you can use more flags to lengthen the stripes. Example:

RECTANGLE = 1, 0, 0, 100%, 33%, #FF0000#0000FF
RECTANGLE = 1, 0, 33%, 100%, 33%, #FF0000#0000FFç
RECTANGLE = 1, 0, 66%, 100%, 33%, #FF0000#0000FFçç


Added I/O flags in permutation engine

With the I flag you remove combinations that cross themselves, like "ABBA"; with the O flag you remove combinations that don't cross themselves, like "AABB".

Added option for realtime rendering of the current card

You can see the changes in realtime in the preview of the card if you enable the checkbox "Auto build".

Added saturation/brightness in color picker

In the color picker you can now change the saturation/brightness of the color:

Added /name command line option for specifying names of saved cards

If you run nanDECK from the command line, instead of using numbered files, you can specify an existing sequence to be used for the names of the card, with this parameter:


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