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nanDECK - What's new in version 1.13

Wizard for automatic layout for a linked file

In the Wizard ("wiz" button in the left-top main window), in the tab "Miscellaneous" there is a "Link file" option, if you specify a .csv file, and check the "Automatic layout from linked file" option, the file will be loaded as a parameter for a LINK directive, and a layout will be created from the fields found in the file. A filename will be added as an IMAGE directive, a color as a RECTANGLE and all other fields as a couple of FONT and TEXT directives.

On-line image search

This option is disabled as default, you must activate it, choosing an option in the bottom-right box in the Configuration window (the "Config" button in the bottom-left of the main window):

If you choose "Search for public domain images only" or "Search for all images", you can specify a non-existent file in the IMAGE directive: the program will execute an online search (using filename as a keyword), it downloads an image and saves it with the filename you've specified.

Flag for variable key size in ICONS directive

With the last parameter of the ICONS directive you can specify a variable-key length, for example A1, B2 or C3 instead of A, B or C (with a key lenght of 2). The syntax for ICONS directive is:

ICONS = "range", "keys", pos_x, pos_y, width, height, obj_width, obj_height, angle, "flag", "horizontal alignment", "vertical alignment", alpha-channel, "key length"

Flag A/Z for sorting sequences

When you create a sequence, you can specify a flag for sorting its elements, for example, this sequence will be sorted in ascending order:

[test]A = F|B|C|D|A|E

And this in descending order:

[test]Z = F|B|C|D|A|E

Flags for not shuffling decks and for specifying a card back with DECK directive

The syntax for DECK directive is:

DECK = "range", "name", "html color", height, flag, card back

The flag parameter can be:

R the deck is shuffled (the default)
N the deck is not shuffled (the order of the cards is those specified in "range" parameter)

If you specify a number for the parameter card back, for the deck image (back of cards) is used that card (taken from the deck) instead of a color.

Fixed bug in evaluating expressions

Fixed bug in saving images

Fixed bug in linking xls files

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