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nanDECK - Tutorial G - Keyword Wizard

Starting from nanDECK version 1.11 you can use a template wizard for inserting keywords.

In the main editor, if you want to insert a directive, right click on an empty row and a menu appears, with all the keywords:

For every keyword, a different wizard form appears, with all the parameters. The same windows appears if you press F2 (modify) on a compiled row. For example this is the RECTANGLE form:

Optional parameters are in italic (like Thickness). A hint for the syntax is show in the bottom of the form, with the Confirm, Help (it points to the RECTANGLE page) and Cancel buttons. For some parameters there are buttons for inserting specific values (like colors and gradients). For position and size there is a specific form ("Pick rect." button):

The center rectangle can be moved and resized with the mouse.

In the wizard form, if you double click in a field, you can choose a label from a list (with the label's content):


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