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Q: How can I create a PDF file?
A: build a deck,
- click on "Print deck" button,
- click on Printer button (the first button top-left),
- put the flag in the "Print to file" checkbox,
- select Type = "PDF File",
- choose a filename and click on "OK" button.

Updated: from version 1.8 there is a button "Create PDF" in the main form, on the left.

Q: Help, the program is slow...
A: nanDECK uses heavily disk space for storing images, so it's better to run it from hard disk instead then a USB drive.
You can also reduce the resolution (using DPI=150) for a faster rendering.

Updated: from version 1.9a cards can be created using RAM, faster than using a file on hard disk.

Q: I don't know HTML.
A: The language used for nanDECK' scripts isn't HTML, it only uses HTML color codes.

Q: How I can use quotes in a text? This code gives me an error:

FONT="Arial", 32, , #000000
TEXT="1", "I say "Hello"", 0, 0, 6, 9, center, center, 90

A: You can use \n\ syntax to insert ASCII code characters in a text, your code will become:

FONT="Arial", 32, , #000000
TEXT="1", "I say \34\Hello\34\", 0, 0, 6, 9, center, center, 90

Q: There is a Linux version of nanDECK?
A: No, but if you install Wine (great software!) you can run the same nanDECK version for Windows on your Linux, with all features; you must also download and install the "Microsoft core fonts" (the download page is here). You can see a screenshot here.

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