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nanDECK - What's new in version 1.12b

New LINKFILTER directive

This directive is used to filter the rows in a linked file. You can specify more than one LINKFILTER directive for a linked file, and must be used before the LINK directive. You can use these operator in the filter's condition:

= equal
> major
< minor
>= major or equal
<= minor or equal
<> different
@ contained into
# not contained into


LINKFILTER = count < 3

New label function FRAMECOUNT

This function counts the frames contained in a group, for example:

[a] = FRAMEBOX(0,0,6,9,1,1,N)
[n] = FRAMECOUNT(<a*>)

The label [n] will contain the value 54.

New label function FRAMESUB

This function creates a group of frames that contains all the frames from the 1st parameter, minus those from the 2nd parameter, for example:

[fld_a] = FRAMEBOX(0, 0, 6, 6, 1, 1, C)
[fld_b] = FRAMEBOX(1, 1, 4, 4, 1, 1, C)
[fld_c] = FRAMESUB(<fld_a*>, <fld_b*>)
ellipse = 1, <fld_c*>, #00FF00

This is the result:

Zip file load/save

When you load and save a script, you can specify a zip file, that will contain automatically all the images and linked files.

Drag'n'drop for files

You can open a script dragging it into the program's window.

Embedded help

This program now uses an internal help (not connected anymore with Windows' help system).

Added flag for Internet Explorer rendering in HTMLTEXT/HTMLFILE directives

You can choose between the internal engine (flag I) or Internet Explorer (flag E) for rendering HTML pages.

Added parameter for guide color in BORDER directive

You can set the guide color with the 5th parameter in BORDER directive.

Added parameter for mark length in BORDER directive

You can set the mark length with the 6th parameter in BORDER directive.

Added parameter for color in PAGE directive

You can set the page color with the 5th parameter in PAGE directive.

Added expressions in frame names

You can use an expression in a frame name. For example:

[a] = FRAMEBOX(0,0,6,9,1,1,N)
[n] = FRAMECOUNT(<a*>)
RECTANGLE = 1-{[n]}, <a{§}>, #0000FF

Added PDF compression level

You can set the compression level of a PDF file, in the "Config" window, between None, Low, Default and Max.

Added option to save deck as animated GIF

You can save a deck as a single animated GIF image, using the "GIF" button in the left side of the main window.

Fixed bug in TEXT directive

Fixed bug in TEXTLIMIT directive

Fixed bug in BORDER directive

Fixed bug with buttons

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