Which Way the Witch King? ERRATA#2

by Stephen McKnight

MOVE Counters
One major piece of misinformation is the statement in the article that "Remember the Witch King has no MOVE counters, so he must rely on other forms of locomotion". A character must play a MOVE chit to carry any object of greater than negligible weight, but does not have to play a MOVE counter to execute a Move phase. The Witch King's lack of MOVE chits prevents him from carrying Light or heavier objects, but not from moving during the day. The biggest problem of the lack of MOVE chits is that the Witch King cannot run away or maneuver to dodge a blow in combat. If he runs into any monster or hostile character before he has had a chance to cast a spell, he will die! This makes him very vulnerable on Day 1 or after he has finished a battle and has fatigued his MAGIC counters. The Witch King can't feel safe unless he had at least one Fly chit created by Broomstick ready, or Melt into Mist cast and purple magic available!

World Fades
Another short-coming of the article is the discussion of World Fades. World Fades is an excellent spell for the Witch King. It allows him to use the regular Search Tables (instead of Magic Sight), and is also very useful in Combat where it acts essentially as an Ambush with multiple targets. If the Witch King is hidden in a clearing with monsters or natives, he can attack them with, for example, Fiery Blast. He becomes unhidden, but the monsters and natives are not assigned to his sheet in that round, so he can use World Fades to try to hide again at the end of the combat round. If he hides successfully, he can attack the surviving denizens again in the next round of combat in the same way. (If he doesn't hide, he can use his prepared Broomstick Fly chit to run away). This tactic can be devastating against native groups or Goblins, allowing the Witch King to amass huge Notoriety or Fame scores.

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