Which Way the Witch King? ERRATA

by Gilbert Benoît

Absorb Essence
The Dragon Essence treasure cannot cause dragons to show up at the Inn (or any Woods or Valley's tile for that matter). This is not actually in the rules, but Richard Hamblen is on the record about his intent: the effect only pertains to Cave and Mountain tiles (including Deep Woods, of course).

Hiding before take-off is no good, since the Fly activity voids hidden status.

Melt into Mist
Enchanting the Hoard's tile and casting Melt into Mist on the Tremendous Flying Dragon will not render it impotent for the rest of the game. Even though the rules do not say this explicitly, Richard Hamblen has stated that regenerating denizens are freed from all spells (in effect, you are dealing with a new monster, identical to one previously on the board).

Elemental Spirit
I do agree that Elemental Spirit is of limited use for the Witch King, but I am fairly sure that you do not need to have the spell active in order to claim victory points for any Type VIII spells you may have learnt.

Enchant Artifact
This spell can also be cast on spell books.

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