Q. Does an attack doing Maximum damage that hits a shield also destroy any other armor behind it as it kills the character?
A. No.
Q. May the Pilgrim use the "T" attack gained when he "wishes for strength" to open the vault?
A. Yes.
Q. May the Witch King use Magic Sight to loot the Chest without use of the Lost Key? To loot the Vault?
A. No. No.
Q. Must the Witch King fatigue when drawing treasures from the Cairns when using Magic Sight? From the Pool?
A. Yes. Yes.
Q. Do the Woodfolk and Rogue 4 attack when light-side-up?
A. No.
Q. Do unbought horses die if the native HQ passes through a cave clearing?
A. No, they must be abandoned before entering the cave.
Q. Does a character have to roll on the Meeting Table for his own (enemy, unfriendly, neutral) hired natives if ending a turn in the same clearing?
A. Only for hired leaders; see 45.2.
Q. The Black Knight has just hired Rogues 6 and 7. At the start of combat at the Inn, he rolls "Trouble" and then "Block/Battle". What is the status of his hired Rogues? Do they aid him against the rest of the Brotherhood, join the Brotherhood against him, or remain strictly neutral, aiding neither side?
A. They aid him.
Q. Is a MAGIC counter fatigued if a character attempts to cast a spell with it but is undercut by an opponent's spell? Does it count toward his two asterisk limit?
A. Yes. Yes.
Q. Are controlled bats treated as hired leaders (as per the definition of "controlled") or as hired non-leaders (as per the explanation of the spell)?
A. Non-leaders. The spell explanation overrules the rule.
Q. Does a "Block/Battle" result when trading with a Visitor block a character? Must a character roll on the Meeting Table at the end of the day for the Visitor? How may a character kill a Visitor?
A. Yes. No. Visitors cannot be attacked.
Q. Does a character who becomes a T. Giant or either type of T. Dragon because of Absorb Essence use the head/club. the body or both for any attack he may make? Is the red-side of the club/head the "ready" side or may either side be played?
A. Both. Either side may be played.
Q. Do fatigued MAGIC counters count as combat counters for purposes of the Flowers of Rest?
A. Yes.
Q. Does Make Whole and Health (from Small Blessing) rest either the MAGIC counter or the color counter that were used to cast them?
A. Yes.
Q. Is a die roll necessary to enter a tile with Lost activated on it? If cast on Borderland (enchanted), would it apply to all the clearings, or just to 2 and 3?
A. No. All the clearings.
Q. Does the Phantasm fatigue its owner's MAGIC and color counters when it executes Spell phases, or does it "fatigue" its own duplicates of them? May the Witch King's Phantasm move, although he may not be able to himself?
A. Its owner's. Yes.
Q. May one use the Hide from World Fades if a T. Monster is red-side-up on your sheet?
A. No! One cannot hide if anyone is on your sheet, attacking.
Q. Adjusted dice rolls can be as low as " -1" or as high as "9". Are rolls of "-1" and "0" treated as "1" and rolls of "7" to "9" treated as "6"?
A. Yes.
Q. May Medium and Heavy characters with Elvin Slippers still use one die for Hide rolls?
A. No.
Q. Do the players make a Monster Roll on a day lost by showers? Do characters that have run away remain where they are (even if airborne)?
A. Yes. Yes.
Q. Does "Choice" on the Magic Sight Table include the rest of the Magic Sight Table? Free Spell?
A. Yes. Yes.
Q. Does a roll of "4" on the Magic Sight Table allow the Witch King to learn a spell at the Shrine? Must he take his chances and draw the top spell or may he directly record the Type V spell there?
A. Yes. He may directly record the Type V spell.

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